[Dev] [PKGBUILD] Finger client, netkit BSD

Wael Karram wael at waelk.tech
Sun Nov 6 07:19:16 GMT 2022

I've noticed the lack of a finger client in Parabola (even though there is a
finger daemon, ffingerd).
As such I've re-packaged one (patch attached to this email) based on the AUR
package (which in turn is based on a Debian package and patchset).
The only thing I'm not sure of is that the code uses the 4-clause BSD license,
which is apparently incompatible with the GPL but should still be free software.
I tried to look it up and understand if that still makes it FSDG-compliant (so
long it's not linked against) and I think it should be OK but I lack enough
knowledge to be 100% sure.

The PKGBUILD itself has been kept mostly unchanged, except adding a contributor
line and adding rewording the description to have "GNU/Linux" instead of

Kind Regards,
Wael Karram.

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