[Dev] iceweasel 98

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Mar 15 11:10:21 GMT 2022

ive re-worked the patches for iceweasel 98 - it is compiling and
runs well - however, multimedia playback has problems; so i will
not release binaries yet

some websites (eg: youtube) work as expected - others have
garbled audio - others will not start at all

it could be related to ffmpeg; but its not obvious - the arch
package (many of them) now requires a special 'ffmpeg4.4'
package - the latest 'ffmpeg' v5 is apparently not

OTOH, there could be is a parabola lib somewhere in the mix,
which needs rebuilding - the v97 in the libre has no such
problem - curiously though, that was built against the new
ffmpeg 2:5.0-5-x86_64 (the one that arch's v98 is avoiding for
some reason) - but when i re-built v97 a few days later, i saw
similar multimedia problems as v98 has

the renaming of the profile directory went well - i also
addressed some minor GUI/ branding bugs, such as BR #3196 -
however, a new one appeared - the new-tab page somehow has two
conflicting logos on it - they both seem to be occupying the
same allotted area, which previously shown one full-sized logo,
and both have scaled down to fit side-by-side

also, duckduckgo is showing me most results in what appears to
be russian

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