[Dev] Orphan Libre package [iceweasel] marked out-of-date

Parabola Website Notification nobody at parabola.nu
Thu Mar 10 00:04:38 GMT 2022

eliotreyna at disroot.org wants to notify you that the following packages may be out-of-date:

* iceweasel 1:97.0.2-1.parabola1 [libre] (x86_64): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/libre/x86_64/iceweasel/

The user provided the following additional text:

Firefox source code has been updated to the version 98.

As main change, the file downloading behavior has been changed to directly save to default download folder, skipping the dialog of open the file or just download. Options like "always ask" will be reset after upgrade to version 98.

Also, there's new tools for DevTools inspector.

For more detailed info, please follow the next link:



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