[Dev] [dev] [nonsystemd] NetworkManager, dbus and display managers require manual intervention

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Jul 19 04:16:53 GMT 2022

the wiki need to be updated then

in https://wiki.parabola.nu/Installation_Guide

# pacstrap /mnt networkmanager
so that would need to become
# pacstrap /mnt networkmanager networkmanager-openrc

but it would be better if the nonsystend/networkmanager had the
init script package in it's depends=() - probably everyone who
installs nonsystend/networkmanager wants the init scripts - for
that matter, as it is a tiny package, wouldn't it make the most
sense to put the init scripts directly in the
nonsystend/networkmanager package?

the install guide also makes this note:

> Note, however, that essential services are enabled by default
> (e.g. dbus, elogind, opensysusers and opentmpfiles).

is it possible to enable a service ('dbus') automatically, if
the init scripts are not installed?

in https://wiki.parabola.nu/OpenRC

> but dbus from [nonsystemd] has its init script already.

> If the package was installed from Nonsystemd, it's likely to have its init script already installed. Core packages, like elogind and dbus, have those services installed and enabled by default. 

also, what happened to the 'openrc-desktop' package group? the
wiki still suggests installing it

> one can install the openrc-desktop package group to get most software and its init scripts needed for desktop environments: 

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