[Dev] repo linter additions

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Feb 11 03:32:54 GMT 2022

regarding a bug report this week (still only on the forum),
which identified a registered, but missing, package file, the
repo linter has a test which (semantically) should have detected
it; but did not

> pkgentry_missing_pkgfile
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> for the list of entries in a repo.db, check whether a built package exists that
> backs the entry. The check reports an issue for each repo.db entry that is not
> associatable with a valid built package.

so, i decided to try to account for that discrepancy (and maybe
add a few more tests) - ive setup the repo linter locally; and
made some changes to support linting my local repo mirror, (and
likewise, to use my local abslibre) rather than copying
everything into ~/.cache

for those interested, i bring your attention to the '2022-02'
branch of the repo-linter code-base  - the change labeled:
'allow user-configured existing local mirror and abslibre' is
most significant


other minor changes:

 - renamed some cli-args/vars
 - updated the pip requirements
 - added the pacman requirements to the READNE
 - added install instructions to the READNE
 - added parabola redmine as bug report URL in the READNE
 - changed upstream URL in pip package metadata from github to
 - removed site-specific data from parabola-repolint.conf.example

additionally, (TODO) the current repo-linter checks only for
files which should be in the repo, according to the .db files -
several more checks will be needed in order to cleanup
stray/orphaned files, such as the stray .sig which caused
upstream imports to fail last week - a rough estimate suggest
that there may be several hundred such stray files - these new
checks should approach from the opposite direction, focusing on
the actual files on disk, correlating those to the .db files,
and reporting the rest as cruft

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