[Dev] [prosody-community-modules] proposed package for prosody's modules

Wael Karram wael at waelk.tech
Thu Aug 11 07:26:40 GMT 2022

Currently anyone using prosody on Parabola will most likely have to download
packages from the source repository to get full functionality in prosody
(reliant on their community modules).
I propose this package as a solution to that which allows packaging the same
modules through the distro's repositories instead.

I've attached the PKGBUILD I came up with and started to vet the source's
On the latter issue it seems that almost everything is licensed under the MIT
license, but I want to check all modules to make sure such is the case (I've
asked on the prosody support channel and the recommended I double-check just in

Kind Regards,
Wael Karram.
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