[Dev] [libreboot-util] PKGBUILD

Wael Karram wael at waelk.tech
Thu Apr 28 06:07:54 GMT 2022

Per bill-auger's request on Packaging Issue #3208 I have attached the finalized
PKGBUILD patch for libreboot-util.
In the end, it has all the discussed binaries getting compiled (ectool,
superiotool, nvramtool and bucts).

It was agreed that even though bucts is specific to x60(s) and t60(s) it would
be packaged with the rest of the binaries now and the package can be split
later if needed, as it is decently small and this will cause less clutter.
Libreboot sources are being used (instead of upstream Coreboot) as they are
assured to be FSDG-compatible, FOSS and de-blobbed.

Note that to get the package to compile, Leah Rowe's GPG key has to be imported
(info at minifree.org).

Additionally, note that while nvramtool is already packaged in the repos (this
PKGBUILD was built off of its PKGBUILD), in the packaging request bill-auger
suggested that there is no point to add a replaces entry now as that package is
still rather new.

Kind Regards,
Wael Karram.
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