[Dev] recent parabola changes to 'pacman'

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Apr 23 03:42:47 GMT 2022

presuming that someone will ask why is the archlinux32 keyring
so troublesome - i really dont know; but it has been troublesome
for as long as i have been with parabola - they seem to change
keys too often - it seems like every new keyring package is not
installable - i have discussed it with them; but never resolved

ive found it simplest to pull the package each time it is
upgraded, and re-package it myself - but i never realize that
needs to happen, until another bug report comes in - another
alternative would be to add erich and abaumann to the parabola
keyring; but it probably would not help, if they keep changing

finally,i should mention that removing 'archlinux32-keyring'
form pacman's deps, only solves the problem for x86_64 - whatever
future troubles that package gives us, will always affect people
trying to install parabola i686

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