[Dev] recent parabola changes to 'pacman'

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Apr 23 03:19:19 GMT 2022

pacman 6.0.1 was released in september - it is quite overdue for
an upgrade - i wanted to discuss some of the recent parabola
changes - i have let it slide; because i though that ovruni was
maintainer of 'pacman' and would upgrade it eventually - i just
noticed though, that lukeshu is listed as maintainer, which
would explain why no one upgraded it recently


the first item is to remove the dependency on
'archlinux32-keyring' - that package has been particularly
troublesome over the years. - a recurring source of installation
bug reports - it is needed only for a few packages
('pcmciautils' is the only one that i know of)

at one time, 'pcmciautils' was considered essential (it is still
in the 'base' package group on i686) - after arch dropped it, it
was still required by openrc; but is not anymore - i convinced
the arch32 team that it was still an important package for i686;
and they decided to adopt it - it is needed for some old 64bit
laptops also; so isacdaavid and i decided to make 'pacman'
depend 'archlinux32-keyring' and 'archlinuxarm-keyring', to
simply things (or so we thought)

this the original log message:
> commit 6647f647074142d2d335694c76284bb720040131
> Author:     Isaac David
> AuthorDate: Tue Nov 14 18:44:01 2017 -0600
> people keep forgeting to install archlinux{arm,32}-keyring
> for foreign-architecture pacstrap/librechroot on x86_64.
> as for dbscripts, this also allows us to reuse arch=(any)
> packages from whatever distro in whatever architecture, in the
> remote scenario where ALARM or Arch32 updates one such package
> before x86_64 Arch does.

based on that rationale (plus supporting PCMCIA hardware), i
dont think the recurring problems are justified - that is, i
would expect many fewer (or no) bug reports if pacman did not
depend on 'archlinux32-keyring' - it would also remove the need
for arch users to install the equally problematic
'archlinux32-keyring-transition' when migrating

ive been considering this for a while; but there is something
curious about it - 'pacman' has depended on
'archlinuxarm-keyring' for as long (although isacdaavid's
rationale is the only reason for that); but that one has never
been a problem - granted that the keyring has never changed (the
expiry from 2014 is infinite) and there is no
'archlinuxarm-keyring-transition' package; but that does
not explain, why dont arch users need to install a transitional
keyring package when migrating to parabola - so it may be nice
to solve that mystery too - i would not want to be burying an
elusive bug by doing this


the second item i would like to discuss is regarding this change
(not yet built):


the log message is very detailed, so i wont repeat it - i think
this should be handled differently - although 'auto' is not
relevant to parabola at this time, it may be in the future - an
alternate implementation which would satisfy GNUtoo's concern,
is to make the change to the /usr/share/ files using sed in the
PKGBUILD, leaving 'auto' in the installed /etc/pacman.conf



just to remind myself, there is a third change to add a
keyring updater init script for openrc - it does not need
discussion (but feel free) - there has been one for systemd
since 2014; but it was never done for openrc

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