[Dev] some concerns from the community

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Oct 19 17:40:10 GMT 2021

On Tue, 19 Oct 2021 08:35:54 +0700 dikasp wrote:
> im really honored but i think im not ready to be tainted to be official
> member, i had long using parabola but im still considered myself newbies
> because im mainly using my computer for regular fun use. my english and
> manners still not perfect too, im afraid my act can accidentaly give
> parabola bad impression. so i will continue helping from the background as
> regular user.

your enthusiasm is encouraging; and your english is fine - there
are some important notes, which may ease your mind

non-technical people can help free software projects in many
important ways - the 'community', 'bug-triage', 'hackers' teams
are separate, specifically so that community people who help in
important non-technical ways, will get their due recognition -
members of the parabola 'community' team are not expected to be

for parabola, the concept of "official" is defined very loosely,
per "adhocracy" - in brief, anyone who is willing and able to
help improve the project, deserves to be "official"

in a sense, parabola is entirely community, and in no way
official - an official requires an "office", for example -
parabola has no office - it is much more informal


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