[Dev] some concerns from the community

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Mon Oct 18 15:15:47 GMT 2021

it is not exactly news-worthy - it is the generally understood
norm, that most projects need help and accept help, from anyone
who offers it - the scarce resource, is those who will offer to
help any project, who are not already helping other projects - i
think that libre-minded folks tend to spread their volunteer
time thinly

a community and/or bug triage team(s) would be excellent - they
have both been discussed - one result was creation the forum,
under the watch of the 'community' team - the forum was not
intended for the devs (the 'hackers' team)

a non-technical community team could moderate the forum, escalate
important issues to bug reports, and could search for and recruit
contributors and/or bug triage team members if needed - a
moderately tech-savvy bug triage team could mediate with the dev
team, and on-board new contributors - it could work quite
nicely, and could save much of the dev team's time, if enough
people volunteer

two people have joined the community team for those reasons; but
neither participate much - there just needs to be more people
helping libre software projects, in general

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