[Dev] Porting Lemote Yeeloong

Jan Prunk janprunk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 17:57:51 GMT 2021


I am interested if there are still any users with Lemote Yeeloong
computers? This computer was supported with gNewSense. Denis "GNUtoo"
suggested that the mips64el port could be revived for Parabola, what
do others think, is it worth doing that? I guess it doesn't make much
sense reviving it, if there are very few users who still have and
would use such a computer? I am also interested if there is a manual
on how to install Parabola on it? If I make this computer operational
(with assistance from some other developer), I could later contribute
with writing bug reports and possibly even build packages for mips64el
(or grant some other developer access to do that). AFAIK the support
for this machine has been dropped on most modern GNU/Linux
distributions and those rare distributions which still support it are
NetBSD and OpenBSD.


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