[Dev] [abslibre] PR #26: remove missed nonfree icons in faenza and faience icon theme

bill-auger pagure at pagure.io
Fri Oct 8 12:08:34 GMT 2021

billauger commented on the pull-request: `remove missed nonfree icons in faenza and faience icon theme` that you are following:
> no font or other system asset removed, im just mainly discard nonfree app icon in /usr/share/icons/iconsname/apps/

ok those are probably safe to delete

> fatal: unable to access 'https://pagure.io/abslibre.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403

that is the URL for this project - you are only able to push to your fork - i could give you permission in the future perhaps - to push to your fork:
  $ git remote add pagure https://pagure.io/forks/dikasp/abslibre.git
then whenever you want to put changes on pagure:
  $ git push -f pagure pull-requests


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