[Dev] rationale(s) for parabola to prefer or recommend (any or which) non-parabola-operated network services

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun May 23 07:17:50 GMT 2021

i generalized the topic to catch the recent freenode controversy
- FYI, people have suggested that parabola should join a different
IRC network (yes, #parabola is established on the librea network)

that exposed a larger issue though, involving several services,
which are (arguably) recommended by, but not operated by parabola:
* freenode
* gnu-social
* pagure
* reddit
* TPPMs and in-app downloaders
  - mozilla (lang-packs via auto-download vs packages)
  - the essential "TPPMs" issue

whatever the outcome, this would be a good opportunity to
re-evaluate which are the "official" recommendations, for each
essential networking purpose:
  [ repo/git , bugs , chat , patches , webby-social-something-new? ]

... (or to argue which of those service classes are "essential") -
most importantly for documentation, which hosts are in which class?

a few IMHOs:
* freenode had a solid rationale; and it remains sound currently
* general or support chat would not be on the "essentials" list
* perhaps _some_ real-time dev-only channel could be essential (eg: mumble)
* anything which is essential, should be self-hosted
* any which are non-essential, may be recommended
* non-essential services are ideally community-operated
* avoid all third-parties, unless explicitly considered to be "community"

... we could also argue which are considered to be "community"

as a rough guide, i propose:

in precedence, server hosts and hardware donors, (people who actually help parabola) have been somehow denoted publicly (_somehow_) as special "friends of parabola" (or community)

if we define "friends of freedom": as those who help parabola in some tangible way, and do so only because parabola is libre software; then other third-parties such as reddit may not be "friends of freedom", where freenode would

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