[Dev] [abslibre] PR #18: libre/iceweasel: Update to 89.0 upstreams, add info to Remote Settings patch

grizzlyuser grizzlyuser at protonmail.com
Mon Jun 14 09:45:57 GMT 2021

> grizzlyuser (or anyone) could you check the newtab page search
> box - i noticed that i can not type or paste anything into it -
> could that be related to the re4mote settings changes?

>From the diff between 88.0.1 and 89.0, it looks like the following preference has been set to 'true' by default upstream:


Typed text should now go to the address bar. If that doesn't happen, please check for any interfering local customizations. Worked for me on both existing and brand new profile.

Here's a couple of related links:

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