[Dev] tiered mirrors schema

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Feb 25 06:19:40 GMT 2021

just an observation

i got to wondering how accurate my claim was, that the number of
mirrors had nearly doubled in the past few years - i was not
actually sure; but i remembered that it was 2017, shortly after
i started publishing ISOs, when the host was concerned about our
increased bandwidth usage - anyways, i looked at the history of
the downlaods page to get a better idea about the mirror network
in the past - i under-estimated the growth by quite a bit


before oaken-source and i joined parabola, there were only 5
mirrors; so the _net_ number of mirrors (the bandwidth load on
winston) has actually tripled since 2017

its not all that surprising - 4 years is a significant portion
of parabola's history - but it does demonstrate the increased
load on winston (and therefore the increased generosity of 1984)

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