[Dev] PKGBUILD for gmnisrv

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Dec 2 19:22:39 GMT 2021

there is a package in pcr-testing - could ppl try it, and verify
that it works properly

i am not impressed with the licensing of this code-base - i see
no indication of the license, other than a GPL file itself -
unlike a permissive license, it is not sufficient to simply drop
a GPL file into a codebase - it must explicitly associated with
some files, somehow - so strictly, i beleive that it is not
licensed at all; because the author reserves the claim that it
was not intended to apply to all portions of the code; because
no part of the codebase states any exceptions to standard
copyright - it just so happens to include a GPL file, for
reasons unknown by any receiver - though it is a petty detail
(the author very likely intended to license it GPL3), parabola
probably should not accept the code-base, as it is

even a vague "all files of the foo project are licensed GPL3 or
later" in the README would be something to base permissiom on;
but usually license headers are added to each source-code file -
if i were to maintain this package, i would ask the upstream to
clarify the licensing somehow - i might even add the license
headers to each source-code file, if the upstream agreed to
accept those changes

otherwise, it is a sensibly small code-base (compiles in
seconds); so it would probably be a relatively easy package to

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