[Dev] PKGBUILD for gmnisrv-git (a gemini server)

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Dec 2 13:51:23 GMT 2021

ok now that i see it, it raises a few points

it appears that you got the PKGBUILD from AUR - thats good; but
there is one obvious problem with it, as-is - we prefer to avoid
un-pversioned VCS (-git) packages - that PKGBUILD is for the
'gmnisrv-git' package - there is also a 'gmnisrv' PKGBUILD on
the AUR - that is the one parabola would prefer - just upgrade
it to the current upstream release, if/when there is a newer
release available

the "Contributor:" line is missing contact info - all
"Contributor:" must give contact info - that is arch policy
which parabola inherits

if you made no changes to what the AUR maintainer has
done, then you do qualify as a formal "Contributor:" in the
PKGBUILD yet - you could easily become the "Maintainer:" though,
if you added contact info

lastly, in the case of adding new package from the AUR, it was
not so necessary to send the PKGBUILD - AFAIAC, it was already
in a superior form (under git on an arch server) you could have
simply mentioned it's version, and that it compiles successfully
on parabola with no modifications

np, i undersatnd that you are interested in contributing
generally; and were running through the usual steps as an
experience - also excellent :) - the important question to ask
now, is: "are you willing and able to maintain the package into
the future?" - maybe you plan on hosting a gemini site on a
parabola machine, so you would be a user who would notice if it

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