[Dev] Pull request guidelines?

grizzlyuser grizzlyuser at protonmail.com
Thu Aug 26 12:08:24 GMT 2021


Are there any guidelines or description of the process to follow to create pull requests on Pagure?

I find the current state of things confusing. On Pagure, there are 'master' and 'pull-requests' branches, both of which look out of sync with 'master' branch in the main Parabola git repo. So if I try to push some changes to 'iceweasel' branch, which is kept in sync with Parabola 'master', and then create a PR from it to either 'master' or 'pull-requests', it would look like I'm trying to push a pile of unrelated commits instead of only one or two. I cannot sync Parabola 'master' with Pagure 'master' (no commit access). And 'pull-requests' seems to have diverged from 'master', so I either risk missing some changes (if committing on top of it), or need to first merge it with Parabola's 'master' and push only then.

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