[Dev] parabola GNU/Linux-libre on Risc-V and OpenPower

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Fri Apr 9 16:16:57 GMT 2021

it really the same situation as ARM - we could publish a
ready0made tarball, people could clone it, then bootstrap
somehow to install a bootloader

also like the ARM situation, we are lacking in the needed
hardware to support them well - for power9 we have already taken
some initial steps to acquire a talos - but for RISC-V, i dont
believe that any hardware yet exists, which could run parabola

in other words, if any such hardware existed, we could it add to
the table of highly-desirable hardware - maybe the new beagle
will fit that description; but probably RISC-V is not yet viable


sifive is on the "TODO/maybe" list, marked as:
  "partially-working - requires blobs"

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