[Dev] parabola GNU/Linux-libre on Risc-V and OpenPower

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Fri Apr 9 14:15:15 GMT 2021

Awesome!! 🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉
I'm really excited about this, my only pain is not having real ppc and
risc-v hardware. Could you write a quick guide on how to install
Parabola in this hardware? I might eventually get, at least, a risc-v
SBC. This sunday is my birthday, so I wish someone gives me one as a gift 😁

El 08-04-21 a las 15:21, Andreas Grapentin escribió:
> Hi All,
> I am happy to announce that today, the kingstone has been placed on top
> of the parabola risc-V port, meaning that we can now reliably produce
> virtual machine images running on both the riscv64 and the powerpc64le
> architectures.
> parabola is completely self-sufficient and self-hosted on these systems,
> which means that, while the amount of available packages is limited, the
> entire system, and indeed every other package, can be built and
> reproduced using only packages that are already available and no further
> cross-compilation is needed.
> All of this work has been done on x86_64 parabola GNU/Linux-libre hosts
> using exclusively free software, so the ports are not tainted by
> non-free software.
> If you want to check out the virtual machine images, they are available
> here:
> https://mirror.grapentin.org/parabola-ports/riscv64/
> https://mirror.grapentin.org/parabola-ports/powerpc64le/
> We are currently limited by a lack of actual hardware, which we would
> need to progress further with these ports. There might be unforseen
> issues if you try to deploy parabola to a physical device. Feel free to
> contact us if you have a device to spare!
> Best Regards,
> Andreas
> oaken-source
> for the parabola project
> https://parabola.nu
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