[Dev] parabola GNU/Linux-libre on Risc-V and OpenPower

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Thu Apr 8 19:21:44 GMT 2021

Hi All,

I am happy to announce that today, the kingstone has been placed on top
of the parabola risc-V port, meaning that we can now reliably produce
virtual machine images running on both the riscv64 and the powerpc64le

parabola is completely self-sufficient and self-hosted on these systems,
which means that, while the amount of available packages is limited, the
entire system, and indeed every other package, can be built and
reproduced using only packages that are already available and no further
cross-compilation is needed.

All of this work has been done on x86_64 parabola GNU/Linux-libre hosts
using exclusively free software, so the ports are not tainted by
non-free software.

If you want to check out the virtual machine images, they are available


We are currently limited by a lack of actual hardware, which we would
need to progress further with these ports. There might be unforseen
issues if you try to deploy parabola to a physical device. Feel free to
contact us if you have a device to spare!

Best Regards,

for the parabola project


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