[Dev] Registration request: new public Parabola Linux mirror (Hungary)

Quantum Mirror root at quantum-mirror.hu
Tue Sep 29 19:00:41 GMT 2020

Dear bill-auger and Megver83,

Thanks for the fast response!

Sorry for the disturbance I didn't know about the circumstances. :)

If you were rethinking the mirror system anyway, may I have a suggestion?

Would you be so kind and create a dedicated section in the mailing list
just for the mirrors? 

for example mirrors at lists.parabola.nu

It would be very helpful because, we - mirror admins  - would only get
mirror-infra related e-mails ( this is why I didn't subscribed to the
list the first time when I sent the reg req ) .

Thank you in advance for considering my suggestion.

Have a nice day!



2020. 09. 29. 19:38 keltezéssel, bill-auger írta:
> new mirrors are always appreciated - several have been added over
> the past year; but each new tier-1 mirror puts additional strain
> on the repo server - we have been devising a plan to re-organize
> into three tiers - based on the stated bandwidth, this one would
> most likely be on tier-2; but the specifics have not been decided
> yet
> i can add your info to the website now; but soon we will probably
> be asking all mirrors, to change the sync schedule, or the host
> from which to fetch, or both - that is the main reason for the
> delay - it was not over-looked - thank you for hosting it
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