[Dev] Registration request: new public Parabola Linux mirror (Hungary)

Peter Makk root at quantum-mirror.hu
Fri Sep 4 09:41:33 GMT 2020

Dear Parabola Linux developers,

I would like to inform You that I have started a new public Parabola
Linux mirror.

Geographical Location: 

Miskolc, Hungary

Responsible Party:         

Quantum Mirror (quantum-mirror.hu)

Admin Email:      

root at quantum-mirror.hu

Server admin:         

Peter Makk

Nominal Outgoing B/W:  

2x350 Mb/s international ( more info:
https://quantum-mirror.hu/web/status_en.html )

Rsync source:           


Sync Hour and Minute:  

every 4 hours ( 14 */4 * * * )

Service URLs:          



rsync://quantum-mirror.hu/parabola  (max. 60 connections)

It only serves IPv4 connections.

If You need more information or have any questions, please feel free to
contact me at root at quantum-mirror.hu.

Thank You for Your help in advance!

Best regards ,

Peter Makk

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