[Dev] [RFC] Let's solve the Chromium freedom issues, definitively

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Sat May 30 02:24:56 GMT 2020

El 29-05-20 a las 21:58, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli escribió:
> As I see it, there are several approaches possible:
> - Replace Chromium by Gecko somehow. This will need to be done for
>   every API that uses chromium, like qt5-webengine, electron and so on.
>   The advantage is that we don't have the privacy issues of Chromium
>   and we can work with Mozilla upstream if needed. The disadvantage is
>   that people might not be able to work on it incrementally, which
>   lowers the probability of fixing it a lot, unless people want to
>   apply for funding to solve that and/or reserve big quantity of time
>   for it. This would work for every distribution almost automatically
>   and would probably be easy enough to package, especially if it lands
>   in various upstream projects (which require way more work than just
>   making that API compatibility).
Sounds interesting. Maybe too laborious, but since we are just in the
brainstorm step, we can consider it.

> - Starting from some existing Chromium version, like the one in GuiX,
>   and filling bugs and so on.
btw, who maintains it? just wondering, maybe its maintainers could lend
us a hand

> - As chromium is made of many and many components, it's probably
>   possible to package each component, but I wonder if there are
>   intermediate use case that would push people to want that and
>   maintain it when it will not be possible yet to build chromium from
>   such components. Skia is for instance used by other software than
>   Chromium as well, so maybe if it's built as a shared library it could
>   be useful for Iceweasel as well for instance.
Debian applies some interesting patches to Chromium, e.g. they separate
Widevine, leaving it as an optdepend. The more ppl who is involved the
better, in that way it will be easier to do a deep research, compared to
one or a few ppl doing it.

> I've started a page about it here:
> https://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:Software/research/Chromium
> If it's not the right place to do that I can just delete the page. 
> Note that anyone can create an FSF account, even non-members, and so
> everyone should be able to edit this wiki.

Great, that's a good place to start collecting info. Maybe a warning
saying sth. like: "We are in the first steps of deep research for
Chromium, so the info here may not be completely correct or verified.
This is, for now, only a draft started by some Parabola devs" would be
good, just in case, and link this discussion as a reference, so anyone
who sees it knows how was it all started.

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