[Dev] ATTN: fauno , aurelien , Emulatorman , LukeShu , xylon

f fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Tue May 12 21:30:20 GMT 2020

bill-auger <bill-auger at peers.community> writes:

> could one of you please take a few minutes to modify the access
> list for the #parabola channel? - those nicks in the subject
> are the only ones which have the 'f' privilege needed to do it
> i am the only one who is on IRC regularly, who can become OP;
> but i can not modify the access list to let anyone else do it
> we would like to get freemor and oaken-source on the access list
> also - and all three of us with 'f' privilege

ok, i have some busy days but i can connect and make the change


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