[Dev] New installation images

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Fri Jan 31 16:11:53 GMT 2020

El vie, 31-01-2020 a las 04:50 -0500, bill-auger escribió:
> parabolaiso should work as expected with the simple commands
> noted in the README - with the 'master' branch (or the
> 'parabolaiso' package), it may only be possible to build openrc
> ISOs; but im not certain

Just for the record, I successfully built and tested the
TalkingParabola ISO (it's now updated in the downloads, since it didn't
got an update since 2017), which uses systemd. I haven't tested releng
but it's 99% likely to work.

The openrc profiles are almost the same, just change the init system,
EFI boot manager (from systemd-boot to refind) and some other little
things in the airootfs files (like adding some files to replace their
systemd analogs, and enabling NetworkManager in customize_airootfs.sh)
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