[Dev] New OpenRC ISOs releases

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Sun Jan 19 19:57:32 GMT 2020

I've recently released new OpenRC (CLI and LXDE) ISOs. See the download
page to get them. Main changes are:

  - some improvements in language selection scripts
  - replaced iceweasel with midori (it's lighter and less problematic
in i686)
  - replaced icedove with evolution (less problematic in i686, and
icedove has this issue: https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/2267)
* Both:
  - replaced pacman-init initscript with etc/local.d/pacman-init.start
* Changes to parabolaiso ('master' branch):
  - updated customize_airootfs.sh script
  - do the uefi-shell checksum more elegant (build.sh)
  - mkparabolaiso: remove runit support (dropped from [pcr])
  - mkparabolaiso: install linux-libre in the base installation

Also wanted to comment that I thought on replacing the LXDE
installation scripts with something better and up-to-date. They
currently use dialog to display a ncurses menu which does the job, but
after some research I discovered Revenge Installer[0], and forked it[1]
(I haven't done any change currently, this is part of my TODO for
future LXDE ISOs).

This script LGTM, it uses zenity and it's simple. I haven't run it but
watched some videos and looks like a promising replacement for our
current dialog installer, which honestly idk who uses it.

Any comments or recommendations are always welcomed, just avoid writing
me a 1000+ lines email, otherwise I might not read it completely :)
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