[Dev] should libre/kio be, in fact, in [nonprism]?

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Wed Feb 26 16:30:33 GMT 2020

I wanted to build a [pcr] but it needed kio 5.67.0, and we've 5.66.0 in
[libre], so I just started the build to update it.

However, I noticed that the only problem with it are the non-privacy
search engines, which is good to remove, but that doesn't qualify kio
to be in [libre] but in [nonprism]. IMO, it's better to move it there
to avoid breakages like the one I mentioned with the pkg I wanted to
build, and afaik it doesn't not have major freedom issues (this is a
privacy issue instead), but I wanted to discuss it here before doing
anything, because idk if the person who put it in the your-freedom
blacklist or someone else knows if there's other special reason for kio
to be in [libre] rather than [nonprism]
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