[Dev] Fixing the PKGBUILD licensing issue

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Sat Feb 22 22:13:22 GMT 2020


As some of you may have noticed, Parabola has no license for the
PKGBUILD. This issue probably comes from the arch GNU/Linux
distribution that has the same issue.

For example Gentoo, which uses something similar to the PKGBUILDs that
are called ebuild have their ebuilds under the GPLv2 as per of the
header that is included on top of each ebuild[1].

Guix use the GPLv3[2] for their package definition.

The OpenWRT packages definitions are under the GPLv2[3]. The Yocto
project uses a mix of GPLv2 and MIT[4] with the packages definition
being MIT.

The 19 December 2019, I was told in #archlinux that the package
definitions were considered as copyrightable by some archlinux
developers, but that nobody cared enough to fix the issue by choosing a

I was also told that the only way to make things progress would be to
have people starting to start add license to the PKGBUILDS they wrote.

So I did just that and added the GPLv3 to the PKGBUILDs I wrote from

I encourage other people to also choose a free software license for
their PKGBUILDs and either add it as COPYING or mention in the PKGBUILD

I'm also open to re-license the PKGBUILDs I wrote under any free
software license when we start having a consensus on which license to
choose, and/or even before that.


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