[Dev] Getting ARM computers, Was: A10 OLinuxino Lime not booting

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Sat Feb 8 05:50:59 GMT 2020

On Fri, 31 Jan 2020 13:05:58 -0300
Megver83 <megver83 at hyperbola.info> wrote:

> However, I see more hope in olimex since, as you said, they proudly
> proclaim parabola as a working OS for their SBC. A good excuse to ask
> for one is having it so we make sure Parabola remains working in such
> device.
We could also ask for some arm64 board(s) that are already supported in
upstream u-boot and Linux.

The only arm64 board I have has an integrated bootloader with
(unsigned) nonfree software, but it's supported by Linux upstream, so I
could at least test the linux-libre-aarch64 kernel on it.

To fully support arm64 we would need to package some bootloaders as

Right now I'm also too busy with other things, so if someone else want
to try it would be great.

> P.S: This last week I've got some money from Liberapay donations
> through paypal which is almost the half of the price of the C201. If I
> get enough from the donations I will inmediately buy a C201.
Once you do, it would be a good idea to contact Paul Kocialkowski to try
to get a servo too. This would give us the ability to get the boot logs
through the serial port. It's probably also nice to do automatic
testing on the device as it can probably control it completely through

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