[Dev] Orphan Pcr package [tryton] marked out-of-date

Parabola Website Notification nobody at parabola.nu
Mon Feb 3 05:04:45 GMT 2020

nona at labs.parabola.nu wants to notify you that the following packages may be out-of-date:

* tryton 4.2.1-1 [pcr] (armv7h): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/pcr/armv7h/tryton/
* tryton 4.2.1-1 [pcr] (i686): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/pcr/i686/tryton/
* tryton 4.2.1-1 [pcr] (x86_64): https://parabolagnulinux.org/packages/pcr/x86_64/tryton/

The user provided the following additional text:

Modifications to PKGBUILD ---

depends=('python>=3.5' 'python-cairo' 'python-dateutil' 'python-pygobject-stubs' 'pygobject-devel')
build() {
  cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver
  # This should be optional (privacy)
  sed -i "s-'client.check_version': True-'client.check_version': False-g" tryton/config.py
  python setup.py build

package() {
  cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver
  python setup.py install --root=$pkgdir --optimize=1
  install -D -m644 $srcdir/$pkgname.desktop $pkgdir/usr/share/applications/$pkgname.desktop
--- Modifications end

̣̣* consider adding the icon
* Note about the sed command: without that line, the client connects to demo.tryton.org on the first run. There is no easy way to change it otherwise. Once the user runs the application, she can decide whether connecting to the server is fine from the main menu. This decision belongs to the user, not the developer.

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