[Dev] Orphan Pcr package [castle-combat] marked out-of-date

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sat Apr 18 04:32:29 GMT 2020

On Fri, 17 Apr 2020 14:51:47 +0200 Andreas wrote:
> the license of the sound and music assets is not clear

that is the most common thing i notice when tending to one of
these PCR packages which needs rebuilding - many of then are
games and most games are never updated; and that is generally
expected and not a problem - there is no reason to remove an old
game if it still works

but, the ones which rely on build systems, tool-kits, and
languages which are quick to deprecate themselves, have a
shorter shelf-life than if they had used more stable tools such
as C, autotools, SDL, etc - there are ~20 year old SDL games
which still are perfectly viable with no modifications - a
python game OTOH, is not going to have such a long life without
some TLC from its community

On Fri, 17 Apr 2020 14:51:47 +0200 Andreas wrote:
> We can also contact the original author

yep thats the next step - ive done it several times - in my
experience, one of three things will happen:

* no response
* upstream will fix the build problems,
  but will flat-out refuse to address the licensing issues
* upstream will fix the build problems, and at least be 
  open to the suggestion of fixing the licensing issues; but will
  probably not want to do that work

in that last such case for example, the author refused to give
the program a license, contending that because it uses the
"love" game library, that implicitly puts it under the same
license as the "love" library - which reminds me that i have not
yet pulled it - that conversation lasted over the course of a
month - i was given "verbal" permission via email to "do
whatever i want with it"; but i dont think that is sufficient
for parabola standards - i.e. that package should never hae been
added in the first place

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