[Dev] [REQUEST] adding wine to nonsystemd-multilib

mr.fantastic joinlaw at cock.li
Fri Apr 3 08:18:26 GMT 2020

Megver83 writes:
> This is strange. I can install wine without issues. Do you have
> [nonsystemd] and [nonsystemd-multilib] above all the other repos in
> pacman.conf?

yes I do have them and also the pure multilib repo and my parabola install is
somewhat fresh only using it few months.

I think to confirm the issue or disprove it any openrc users in this
list can help us by trying to install wine.

leestrobel at disroot.org writes:
> The conflict between dbus and lib32-dbus is one I reported a couple of weeks ago:
> https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/2659
> I wouldn't recommend removing dbus, as it is required by many other
> packages (as your printout shows).

as i said this can be resolved manually by installing
nonsystemd-multilib/lib32-dbus so dbus is not the main problem but then
pacman continue to ask me about installing lib32-systemd and removing

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