[Dev] accountsservice package build problem

joinlaw at cock.li joinlaw at cock.li
Thu Apr 2 18:21:41 GMT 2020

mr.fantastic writes:

> hi,
> I am trying to build accountsservice-elogind after changing the commit
> to the latest stable tag then i found that they converted from autotools
> to meson so i copied the PKGBUILD from arch to know how they build it
> and then disable systemd but even if i disable it the meson systemdunits
> options does't disabled.
> my question is how can i disable string option in meson i lookup the
> documentation but i didn't found the solutions if anyone have experience
> with meson can tell us.
> anyway what i do in the attached file is that i remove lines that use the
> string variable with sed.
> happy hacking,
> mr.fantastic
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I see that the package updated in the repo and the answer was to add 
-D systemdsystemunitdir=no option.

I was trying to contribute to the distro but i am not used to packaging
and sending patches in email workflow and I learned bash/shell scripting

I have question regarding to the abs or abs-libre: is packages built
after each git commit and in the case of some packages that need to be
rebuilt to link to newer libraries did changing package version or
adding suffix enough to make it rebuild (e.g: gimp, blender, .... etc)?

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