[Dev] accountsservice package build problem

Megver83 megver83 at hyperbola.info
Thu Apr 2 14:42:15 GMT 2020

I added nonsystemd/accountsservice yesterday to replace
pcr/accountsservice-elogind, with the latest version.

fyi, whenever I build packages in [nonsystemd], I use Artix's PKGBUILDs
as a base, because they enable elogind by default when it's available,
remove systemd's units and sometimes they apply patches if necessary.


El mar, 31-03-2020 a las 23:24 +0300, mr.fantastic escribió:
> hi,
> I am trying to build accountsservice-elogind after changing the
> commit
> to the latest stable tag then i found that they converted from
> autotools
> to meson so i copied the PKGBUILD from arch to know how they build it
> and then disable systemd but even if i disable it the meson
> systemdunits
> options does't disabled.
> my question is how can i disable string option in meson i lookup the
> documentation but i didn't found the solutions if anyone have
> experience
> with meson can tell us.
> anyway what i do in the attached file is that i remove lines that use
> the
> string variable with sed.
> happy hacking,
> mr.fantastic
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