[Dev] arch replaced the 'base' package group with a leaner 'base' meta-package

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Oct 29 11:42:13 GMT 2019

that was discussed briefly - ovruni initially has 'your-freedom'
in the 'base' meta-package - currently then, users need to
remove 'base' if they want to remove 'your-freedom'

i havent giving my opinion on that yet; but the rationale so
far, seems to be that the semantics of removing 'base' is the
same as forfeiting 'your-freedom' - in both cases, one is
leaving the zone of full support; because the system is no
longer "the parabola base system"; but some custom hybrid

essentially the question is: "is 'your-freedom' considered to be
an optional part of the parabola system?" - i think the answer
is: "no, it is precisely what defines the parabola system" -
'your-privacy' for example, was decided to be non-essential; but
i dont think we want to consider 'your-freedom' to be optional

that also relates to 'your-system-sanity', which intends to
constrain or warn about installing third-party software - it is
not a reasonable expectation for us to support a system where
pip can clobber files that pacman manages - there really must be
some way to indicate to the user that they are taking their
system "off the rails" when they give third-party software
privileged access to the system

removing any of 'base', 'your-freedom' or 'your-system-sanity'
puts that system into a state where it is anywhere from
difficult to impossible to support; so it probably does make
sense to couple them all to the 'base' package

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