[Dev] [dev] [From Arch] Required update to recent libarchive

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre: Recent news updates: David P. dev at lists.parabola.nu
Sat Oct 19 14:27:24 GMT 2019

The compression algorithm `zstd` brings faster compression and decompression, while maintaining a compression ratio comparable with `xz`. This will speed up package installation with `pacman`, without further drawbacks.

The imminent release of **pacman 5.2** brings build tools with support for compressing packages with `zstd`. To install these packages you need `libarchive` with support for zstd, which entered the repositories in September 2018. In order for `zstd` compressed packages to be distributed, we require all users to have updated to at least **libarchive 3.3.3-1**. You have had a year, so we expect you already did update. Hurry up if you have not.

If you use custom scripts make sure these do not rely on hardcoded file extensions. The `zstd` package file extension will be `.pkg.tar.zst`.

URL: /news/from-arch-required-update-to-recent-libarchive/

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