[Dev] providing libre sources without breaking the server (maybe)

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Nov 28 18:12:27 GMT 2019

and there are other good reasons to figure out how mksource()

firstly, it is sitting there now doing nothing but being
confsing, and if it is not used, it should be deleted, which
would require studying it anyways to make sure removing it
doesnt break anything

but more importantly, libremakepkg creates a source-ball for
every package and librerelease uploads it to the server
some of those source-balls are >500MB because they include the
VCS history

those source-balls are currently not used for anything, which
is nothing but wasted time, bandwidth, and disk space- having
git re-make them upon pushes to abslibre would not change that -
it would make them completely redundant though, using even more
disk space

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