[Dev] providing libre sources without breaking the server (maybe)

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Thu Nov 28 17:38:19 GMT 2019

the thing is, IIRC we concluded that the mksource() function
(probably) already accomplishes everything youve described,
except that it is not working as intended, and was not used for
every libre package - publishing pre-cleaned source-balls may
satisfy the GPL; but they would be incompatible with makepkg,
because most libre PKGBUILDs expect to download and patch the
upstream sources

i dont think we can avoid either modifying makepkg, or modifying
every libre PKGBUILD, or fixing mksource(), or some combination
of those - otherwise, makepkg could not make use those
source-balls because the prepare() function would be prone to
fail patching the pre-patched sources - mksource() seems to be
the chosen solution because it avoids modifying makepkg, and the
code is already in place, but apparently broken somehow

the path of least resistance is probably just to study exactly
how mksource() was intended to work, and fix it - then, over
time, ensure that every libre package has a mksource()

still, the standard makepkg would not recognize mksource(); but
that probably was the intention

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