[Dev] Creating a neutered geoclue for [nonprism]

Freemor freemor at freemor.ca
Mon Nov 18 02:29:39 GMT 2019

Because privacy is important to me I try to keep my fingers into the [nonprism]
pot. In doing that I'm noticing another qt-webengine situation starting to
unfold. Which is the ever creeping inclusion of geoclue into different

Tho it can be disabled by killing the systemd or initd service that run it. I
strongly feel creating a neutered version that either fails to return any
location (preferable) or returns a benign location (like south pole, Middle of
the Pacific Ocean, etc) is preferable as it would

1.) Give a safe drop in replacement. (Won't rat you out even if it is
    accidentally enabled).

2.) Sends a clear message showing that we think the default behaviour is broken
    and requires fixing.

3.) Doing the work to create a build recipe for a neutered geoclue will server
    to show people that such is possible. And also serve to make it easier for
    other RYF distros to benefit from our (by which I mean mostly my, unless
    other feel heavily motivated to join in) work on neutering it.

There are Several build flags that can be tweaked to disable functionality. This
is where I plan to start also creating a custom geoclue.conf. And then if
necessary patching the source kill any remaining leaks. Basically do what ever
we can to turn geoclue into the "location service" equiv of /bin/false.

I've already started on the PKGBUILD with every relevant build flag set to
false. I'll build that and do some testing. Then take a look at creating the
custom geoclue.conf


Ps Because this failed to send the first time I now have a version of geoclue 
that seems to fail spectacularly at finding any location.

More Testing needed
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