[Dev] Advancing ppc64le and riscv64 (Was: Let's talk about Infrastructure and Hosting)

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Sun Nov 17 07:29:24 GMT 2019


On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 10:49:16PM -0300, Megver83 wrote:
> El dom, 17-11-2019 a las 01:26 +0100, Andreas Grapentin escribió:
> >  - 500GiB of storage
> > 
> >    storage is getting a bit tight. We are planning to extend our
> > repos
> >    to more architectures, chiefly ppc64le and riscv64, and we would
> > not
> >    be able to host all the built packages due to limited storage
> >    capacity.
> Regarding the ppc64le and riscv64 ports, we have to discuss that
> because we need more people for this *unless* we set up a functional
> autobuilder for all our packages in a very capable machine (mainly
> because there are some *very heavy* software). We can create a git repo
> for modified PKGBUILDs like Arch32 and ALARM do, but for testing these
> in real hardware (because IMO it's useless to waste time in porting to
> architectures that are only going to be used in VMs or emulators) we
> need testers (could be some Parabola devs with this hardware or very
> collaborative users that own it). Plus, some packages won't cross-
> compile using qemu (like libretools does with armv7h), which is sth.
> that has happened to me with some armv7 pkgs, so I build them in my
> Banana Pi and works.
> Idk how will we do for ppc64le, because the TALOS II is too expensive,
> but there are other PPC computers (I'm digging a bit about them, I
> already know the discontinued PowerMacs from Apple but I want to find
> something more)

I agree that this development needs real, powerful hardware. That is why
I have applied for funding from nlnet and am hoping to be able to
purchase a Talos machine as well as two HiFive boards by the end of the
year. If that happens, I will put some time into a smarter autobuilder.
But this is something that's not due to happen before spring 2020.



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