[Dev] Let's talk about Infrastructure and Hosting

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Nov 17 03:25:50 GMT 2019

i dont think supporting older PPC CPUs is on the roadmap -
those would probably need to be separate ports; and the last
arch-like system (now defunct) was for PPC6 - there was a large
gap there that oaken-source and ebrasca had to leap over to get

the talos has dropped in price significantly recently though,
and it was just RYF-certified last week, so we really should do
our best to support it - i agree that one of us should probably
have access to one - as you pointed out, that may even be
necessary - in the worst case scenario, maybe we can entice
ebrasca to dedicate a piece of his for testing purposes, or for
building finicky packages

as will be the case for any small manufacturer of new 
libre-design hardware, early adopters are the most important
factor for its success, and i think the only options now for
POWER9 are debian and opensuse - it will surely be a lot
of work; but parabola is well-tooled for the task of porting and
already has bootable prototypes for both POWER9 and RISC-V - i
dont think that any other FSDG distros are working on either of
those ports, or even proposing to do so; but at least one should

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