[Dev] Chromebook C201 wifi

Lee Strobel leestrobel at disroot.org
Sun Mar 31 18:04:02 GMT 2019

Hi Denis,

> For the record, the WiFi related bugreport is here:
> https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/2261
> Could you try to see if a USB HUB that is powered by its own power
> supply makes it usable. If you don't have one you may know people
> that
> have one and borrow it just for doing a quick test.

I will see what I can do. I can't think of anyone I know off-hand who
would have an externally-powered USB hub, but I will ask around.

About the power thing: I actually have an older USB wifi dongle, a
'Senao EUB9801', which seems to work great when plugged directly into
the Chromebook (if I use the firmware blob). According to the kernel
boot log, I think it is running on a Ralink chip of some kind. I will
try to investigate, as you suggested, and see if it requires less power
than the ThinkPenguin dongle. It is older (~8-10 years), so maybe it is
using an older wifi technology that consumes less power?

The reason I asked about the kernel devs is just because I was
wondering if the team that maintains the module for the Atheros chip
are aware of the issue. I would think we might need their assistance,
if any of us wanted to try to modify the module.


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