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Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at cyberdimension.org
Sun Mar 31 17:43:44 GMT 2019

On Sun, 31 Mar 2019 13:14:23 +0200
Andreas Grapentin <andreas at grapentin.org> wrote:

> I agree that the news post in question (I believe you are referring to
> this:
> https://www.parabola.nu/news/parabola-officially-supports-librebooted-asus-chromebook-c201/)
> is misleading in that regard, and should probably rewritten to be
> more clear.

What about the following:
> Parabola is looking for testers for the librebooted Asus Chromebook
> C201
> Parabola can now boot on the Asus Chromebook C201 with the Linux-libre
> kernel, but some testing is still needed find out which hardware
> components works well, and for the ones that don't to help by testing
> fixes and workarounds.
> For instance there is a bugreport (#2261) about USB WiFi adapters not
> working properly, and we still need to find out how to fix that if
> it's due to hardware limitations that would be impossible to fix with
> software. If this bug is not fixed, people will not be able to use the
> WiFi with free software as the internal WiFi chip is unable to
> function without nonfree software.
> At the time of writing, None of the Parabola developers that are
> working on this have an Asus Chromebook C201. 
> In the past, the furthest thing that was achieved was to boot
> Parabola with the non-free CrOS kernel. 
> However, that changed when a Parabola user reported at issue #1965 to
> successfully boot our beloved distro in this Librebooted ARM laptop. 
> People that wish to help by testing the Asus Chromebook C201, just
> have to install the linux-libre-chromebook package, which has the
> signature to boot Linux-libre with Depthcharge in the C201.

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