[Dev] Orphan Libre package [iceweasel] marked out-of-date

grizzlyuser grizzlyuser at protonmail.com
Fri Mar 29 10:40:23 GMT 2019

Thank you for the info, and for pushing the new version of the package! Looking at your changes, I can say my patch didn't contain anything additional.

However I noticed the same issues that appeared after upgrade to v65 [1] to pop out again. Able to reproduce only with brand new profile, and not with an old one. If my memory serves me well, they've been fixed somehow in one of the later rebuilds of v65.

[1] https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/1981#note-10

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On Wednesday, March 27, 2019 11:10 PM, Andreas Grapentin <andreas at grapentin.org> wrote:

> Submitting patches to this mailing list is usually the way to go, if you
> want to get your submission noticed. IRC can be a bit patchy at times,
> as you have noticed :)
> I'm actually already working on building an iceweasel 66.0.1, however
> i686 is still giving me some trouble.
> I'll happily look at your patch!
> Best,
> A
> On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 08:59:48AM +0000, grizzlyuser wrote:
> > I was able to compile Iceweasel 66.0.1 with minor changes to PKGBUILD and existing patches, and with patch Arch added for [1]. I didn't review the changes of this new Firefox version for new freedom issues or antifeatures, though. If anyone needs patches, please ping me.
> > I asked about this on #parabola on Freenode, but got no answer. Perhaps some members were busy on LibrePlanet at that time? If there's some specific process for sending patches / code review, please point me into the right direction.
> > [1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1521249
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> > https://lists.parabola.nu/mailman/listinfo/dev
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