[Dev] Removal of unblacklisted packages from [libre]?

grizzlyuser grizzlyuser at protonmail.com
Thu Jun 20 05:46:55 GMT 2019

Two packages got recently removed from the blacklist [1], which makes me wonder: is there any established process of removal of such packages from [libre] repo?

At this moment, when I issue, for example:

# pacman -Syu kio-extras

It tries to install libre/kio-extras. The newer version of this package from [extra] can be installed by:

# pacman -Syu extra/kio-extras

But on subsequent system upgrades pacman returns a warning, that the local package is newer than in libre.

As I understand, since [libre] is higher in pacman.conf, the package from it has higher priority. This can be problematic in case if it's available in both [libre] and Arch repo, and is a dependency of another package being installed (dolphin depends on kio-extras). Then it's not convenient to get the most recent version of the dependency installed from Arch repo. Something like this is needed to be done instead of just the latter command:

# pacman -S extra/kio-extras --asdeps
# pacman -S dolphin

[1]: https://git.parabola.nu/blacklist.git

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