[Dev] repo redirector modificatoins

grizzlyuser grizzlyuser at protonmail.com
Wed Jun 12 16:50:32 GMT 2019

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019 12:06 PM, Andreas Grapentin <andreas at grapentin.org> wrote:
> Come to think of it, there already is another way that works with an
> unmodified pacman. pacman does not mandate that all repos use a single
> mirror list. You could configure a system that has a list of arch
> mirrors in mirrorlist.arch and a set of parabola mirrors in
> mirrorlist.parabola, and then choose the appropriate mirror list in the
> `Include' directive in pacman.conf for the respective repository.

This is a good idea. To test it, I tried to configure a fresh install of Parabola this way. Then ran pacman -Syy to download fresh copies of master package databases. And finally tried to install some blacklisted package. Pacman attempted to install it, but said it conflicts with your-freedom. This behavior is different when package databases have been downloaded from Parabola mirrors: pacman complains the target is not found.

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