[Dev] package popularity tracking (Was: repo redirector modificatoins)

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Tue Jun 11 19:05:12 GMT 2019

sure, but that would be either voluntary or an extra requirement
to place on mirrors - we dont need a total sample set though - i
think most users do use the redirector, as it is the only source
enabled in default mirrorlist - if so, it should be able capture
statistically significant results, without requiring or imposing
anything on mirrors - we have so little information about usage
now, it would be difficult to determine even that much

it is true though, that any user who prioritizes a specific
mirror but still keeps the redirector enabled could skew the
results - that is the recommended configuration in the mirrorlist
file: either to use the redirector exclusively, or to keep it enabled
with a lower priority to a preferred mirror - maybe that
recommendation would need to be reversed to suggest the
redirector be used only mutually exclusive to any other explicit
mirror, in order to gather representative samples

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