[Dev] download signature?

sellegri contact at sellegri.fr
Mon Jul 29 09:09:55 GMT 2019


Sorry for my language. I'm french.
I'm new. My forum's account need yet approuvement...
I'm happy to known that a honest distribution exist. I would like use it now, and maybe contribute to improve it.

For moment I have a problem with the signature of the 64-systemd download. pacman-key and gnupg indicate that the signature is not correct...
I have tried migration on my notebook and it not has work. Egal result with "normal" installation which indicate bad keys at the mirror-download step.
What could I do?
I 'm impatient to try your distribution and for sure show it to my friends.
I have time, and I can contribute in artwork ; a part of my creations could be view on https://www.photogeny.com

Thanks for your help on signature's problem.
See you soon,
Sellegri Jérôme.  

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